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7 Aug 2015

kill oracle session without gui

13:59 | oracle | 798 views

Goal: a simple way to kill a session in Oracle If we know the SID of the session to be killed, then use the following select to create the immediate command:

26 Jul 2014

support oracle with an external application over tcp

11:23 | .net, oracle | 1172 views

Goal: integrate an external application data to my database I had a small desktop application which is asking a web page about information. The application itself is a simple web robot. Login with credentials, passing through some pages to get the correct information. Using GET, POST methods as well in the process and at the […]

17 Jun 2014

extract data from user agent string

15:29 | oracle, web trick | 911 views

Goal: collect some information about visitors There is some information in the air. The basic source is the user agent string which used by browsers and other gadgets on the internet to show some information about the visitor. Let’s suppose we have a table which contains the user agent strings. From this data we can […]

15 Jun 2014

find the monsters

10:31 | oracle | 831 views

Goal: how to find the big tables in the oracle database Just a quick way to localize the monsters in the database. Of course you need dba rights. If you see the monsters, you can start thinking about the solution. And the indexes: more selects: 1. list of schema vs. size 2. list of object […]

3 Jun 2014

split string to array

18:46 | oracle | 867 views

Goal: create array from a long string

3 Jun 2014

dbms_output available length extender

18:32 | oracle | 771 views

Goal: to extend the character limited dbms_output If the output is too short for you use instead of

3 Jun 2014

round up with decimals

18:23 | oracle | 821 views

Goal: to create a function to round up numbers with decimals We need to round up every numbers for a catalog view. May be with decimals or without.

3 Jun 2014

select all rows where we have non numeric characters in the column

17:26 | oracle | 800 views

Goal: to find all the rows with invalid order number. We have a process where some outsider application send orders to a web page and read the answer from the server. The answer sometimes is incorrect. The page structure is seemingly good, but we have incorrect data. For example the place of order number contains […]

29 May 2014

load xml file into table with validation/correction

20:44 | oracle | 867 views

We have many xml files and we have a smart ETL tool to process the data but the situation is not simple. The files contains some structural error and this fact is blocked this solution. Oracle time! 1. load the xml file into a table (be careful the xml is incorrect – sometimes) 2. correct […]

27 May 2014

Send email with bcc from Oracle SP

22:32 | oracle | 1541 views

There is a general problem to send an invisible copy of email from oracle stored procedure. Let’s start with a simple mailer propcedure and add a new recipient (second one) to the connection – that will be BCC! This second one recipient is missing from the header “To:” section and will be invisible. and here […]

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