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1 Feb 2015

Webos autostart

2:14 | webOS | 1014 views

Goal: how can I start my application after reset Not too easy to find how the pre starts application after the reset, but here is… There is a section in the /etc/palm/luna.conf file Just put your application to the end of the line under the LaunchAtBoot section. how the luna working with the conf file: […]

21 Jan 2015

webOS Emulator – Gestures & Keyboard shortcuts

0:32 | , webOS | 1186 views

Goal: to simulate gestures and keyboard events on emulator Using the emulator for webOS development on a PC lacks one important item that is key a mobile device, touch. Fortunately, there are keyboard and mouse shortcuts to emulator the gestures. Below is the list of ones I’ve found so far. Gestures Gesture Touch Gesture Description […]

20 Jan 2015

Simple upgrade of Palm Pre device

1:21 | webOS | 926 views

Goal: to upgrade the OS on a simple way Recently I’ve received an unlocked Palm Pre 2 phone but with webOS 2.1.0. So I was unhappy with this. As I realized many valuable features missing from this version. I need webOS 2.2.4 but how can I upgrade my phone. The simple answer is NO WAY […]

13 Jan 2015

Debug javascript on webos device

1:57 | webOS | 789 views

Goal: catch some information from behind the curtain In WebOS Quick Install open a Linux Commandline and type the following: or after ENTER you will see the log and error messages in this window…

18 Dec 2014

secrets of webOS ipk files

2:15 | webOS | 927 views

Goal: open your eyes and see the truth The webOS is linux based, and we can install applications from (debian?) ipk files. The last truth is the ipk file is extractable just we need to know how. This file is a special archive file and we can extract it with 7zip. So the ipk package […]

13 Dec 2014

install/uninstall app to Palm Pre 2

11:57 | webOS | 780 views

how to add and how to delete Nice articles, thanks guys!

13 Dec 2014

Bypass activation on Palm Pre 2

2:12 | webOS | 997 views

Goal: to skip the unworking activation step During first use, you tap on the make emergency call button, erase the 911, and enter ##DEVMODE# (CDMA) or #*DEVMODE# (GSM) like this: #*3386633# nota bene: not with letters but with numbers!

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