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18 Dec 2014

secrets of webOS ipk files

2:15 | webOS | 939 views

Goal: open your eyes and see the truth The webOS is linux based, and we can install applications from (debian?) ipk files. The last truth is the ipk file is extractable just we need to know how. This file is a special archive file and we can extract it with 7zip. So the ipk package […]

13 Dec 2014

install/uninstall app to Palm Pre 2

11:57 | webOS | 790 views

how to add and how to delete Nice articles, thanks guys!

13 Dec 2014

Bypass activation on Palm Pre 2

2:12 | webOS | 1006 views

Goal: to skip the unworking activation step During first use, you tap on the make emergency call button, erase the 911, and enter ##DEVMODE# (CDMA) or #*DEVMODE# (GSM) like this: #*3386633# nota bene: not with letters but with numbers!

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