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13 Oct 2017

disable title/tooltip with css

19:04 | css, tricky | 677 views

Goal: find simple way to hide the tooltip The problem is very simple and there are many ways to solve. I have a button or link or just a simple div with a tooltip on it. I want to create a disabled state for this control. the object like this and the style for the […]

28 Jan 2017

define image source in css

11:38 | css, tricky | 736 views

Goal: change the image content by css definition like this:

18 Jun 2014

stylesheet easy swap method

11:07 | css, tricky | 903 views

Goal: tricky way of stylesheet change on a page I’ve read many blogs about this theme, but I’m not satisfied. Here is my way. Short and effective. My blog has a cloudy design, but I have an other image in my head with a golf ball. I don’t want to drop the first one and […]

10 Jun 2014

simple horizontal css menu

10:13 | css | 802 views

Goal: Create a simple horizontal menu menu 1   menu 2   menu 3  |   menu 4 html code style

31 May 2014

cursor to hand or custom

20:03 | css | 831 views

Goal: to customize the cursor over an object

#sidebar a { color:#fff; } #sidebar ul ul li { color: #DEF585; } #sidebar h2 { color: #fff; } #sidebar ul p, #sidebar ul select { color: #BEDDBE; } #backfly { background: url(images/golfBallWallPaper.jpg) left bottom fixed repeat-x #65a51d; }