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26 Jul 2014

support oracle with an external application over tcp

11:23 | .net, oracle | 1161 views

Goal: integrate an external application data to my database I had a small desktop application which is asking a web page about information. The application itself is a simple web robot. Login with credentials, passing through some pages to get the correct information. Using GET, POST methods as well in the process and at the […]

21 Jul 2014

javascript remove comments safely and correctly

9:04 | .net, javascript | 749 views

Goal: remove the code comments correctly One part of my javascript minimize process is to remove the comments from the code. As we know the there are two comment types in js: Here is a simple c# code to drop the comments. This code is seemingly correct but there are some special cases like the […]

17 Jul 2014

simple mdac test

11:59 | database | 808 views

Goal: to show a simple way to test a data provider The base problem is to check quickly the data provider we need. In this case this is an old odbc driver for a dbf database. Seemingly the simpliest way is this following: First of all we need an installed excel, because we will use […]

10 Jul 2014

javascript float strange behavior

21:58 | javascript, tricky | 991 views

Goal: to discover some black hole Javascript is perfect but… check this small piece of code for(var i = 0;i < 5; i+=.1){console.log(i);} [/js] This is a simple iteration but the result is terrible: (with other arguments like .2, .3 ... the result will be different but bad as well - try) [js] 0 0.1 […]

3 Jul 2014

setTimeout with parameters

18:26 | javascript, tricky | 774 views

Goal: to find a compatible form of setTimeout calling with parameters The general form is easy, but not working under ie… The following form is ie compatible…

#sidebar a { color:#fff; } #sidebar ul ul li { color: #DEF585; } #sidebar h2 { color: #fff; } #sidebar ul p, #sidebar ul select { color: #BEDDBE; } #backfly { background: url(images/golfBallWallPaper.jpg) left bottom fixed repeat-x #65a51d; }