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13 Dec 2018

WordPress add functions – safe method

16:40 | tricky, wordpress | 689 views

Goal: add own functions to the wordpress site Forget the functions.php! Frankly this is working only until the next update :(. My way is to create a totally separated file with the added functions: 1. Let’s create a new file functions_added.php Never put php close tag ?> to the end of the file! 2. Put […]

3 Sep 2014

wordpress date format Cheet Sheet

21:23 | , wordpress | 899 views

Goal: wordpress date formatting reference sample Day of Month Weekday Month Year Time Full Date/Time see also:

14 Jun 2014

post editor with TAB support and ctrl+s to update post

20:00 | javascript, wordpress | 965 views

Goal: to use the TAB key in the post editor 1. The following code catching the TAB key and replace it with 2 spaces. The second effect is to replace all the TAB occurences (hold the SHIFT key while press a TAB down). 2. You can update your post with alt+p (this is the default), […]

13 Jun 2014

wp loaded javascript files – absolute path to relative one

23:28 | wordpress | 795 views

Goal: convert all the javascript file references to relative The main problem appeared when I tried to check my blog from a virtual machine. In the machine my local blog address started with an IP like this… and the absolute links were like this: http://localhost/… – crash To solve this problem I need a […]

7 Jun 2014

sidebar count with style revisited

11:40 | wordpress | 817 views

Goal: fix all the sidebar list (archives by …, categories) I did this correction earlier on categories list ( see also: category count with style ). I will do this on archives list as well based on the previous solution and overriding that one. 1. get the archives list with count: 2. counter changes: We […]

2 Jun 2014

make a smarter Enlighter Syntax Highlighter

10:25 | wordpress | 1114 views

Goal: to add some usefull functionality to the Enlighter plugin In my blog I use the Enlighter plugin to colorize my code sections. The plugin is great, but have some defect. My extender/customzier is the following: 1. the code block height maximized to 140px and added to div style 2. I’ve added 2 controller to […]

30 May 2014

easing fix for wordpress

23:44 | jquery, wordpress | 767 views

Goal: run easing animations under my page. The story similar to jQuery and wordpress one. Find the file in the theme directory and include two lines above like this see also: Easing Cheat Sheet

29 May 2014

category count with style

12:43 | wordpress | 901 views

Goal: fix the categories list Get the Categories list: The result is not too correct. The count is out of my style. To correct this I will wrap the count into a span and I can stylise that after. Add a new filter to the category list creator. Insert this code to the end of […]

28 May 2014

Set the language – change the localisation

20:16 | wordpress | 790 views

Set WPLANG parameter inside of wp-config.php

28 May 2014

wordpress soft exit

17:29 | wordpress | 834 views

Goal: after the exit link click keep the focus on blog page with a simple refresh. The exit link is generated by . Put the generated link into an identified container like this. Catch the link object and override the click action (but only the logout action): So the result is: when you click on […]

#sidebar a { color:#fff; } #sidebar ul ul li { color: #DEF585; } #sidebar h2 { color: #fff; } #sidebar ul p, #sidebar ul select { color: #BEDDBE; } #backfly { background: url(images/golfBallWallPaper.jpg) left bottom fixed repeat-x #65a51d; }