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24 May 2015

list of chrome resources

17:42 | javascript | 1032 views

Goal: there was no reason There is a simple mode to list some resources from the Chrome. I have digged the following resource ids from the chrome.dll file. This code running on an empty page! Paste the following code to the developer consol and see the result.

23 May 2015

get chrome version number

9:44 | javascript | 806 views

Goal: simple and quick way to find the version of the browser Be careful this is only for Chrome and based on the user agent string. the user agent string is: and the extracted result is:

7 May 2015

extender – HTMLInputElement

0:14 | javascript | 805 views

Goal: give some additional function to the HTMLInputElement type the usage is very simple: in this case the inputbox value is and all the text selected this extender working in ie as well.

7 May 2015

How to crash the Chrome from javascript

0:01 | javascript, web trick | 937 views

Goal: there is no goal at all… I have came across an unhandled exception in the Chrome what is crashing the actual page. The js command is simple: so and there is a living issue ticket (somebody else found this as well): jump

4 May 2015

select the next inputbox

11:10 | javascript | 786 views

Goal: jump to the next inputbox there is a simple jumper function: jQuery is in the background!

2 May 2015

element creation with templates

17:49 | javascript | 888 views

Goal: to create a quick template based element creation method Everyday task to manage item templates. We have a container and the template of the items. the result will be: to achieve this we have to extend the String object with a template function: the TypeExtend function itself is here: jump

1 May 2015

url – parameters as part of the path

9:23 | php, tricky | 1006 views

Goal: simplify the url A normal url request with parameters looks like this: In many cases we need the following form: how to: 1. we have to accept the invalid request as a normal one. Let’s create a .htaccess file in the root with the following content: 2. receive the parameter in your php code […]

#sidebar a { color:#fff; } #sidebar ul ul li { color: #DEF585; } #sidebar h2 { color: #fff; } #sidebar ul p, #sidebar ul select { color: #BEDDBE; } #backfly { background: url(images/golfBallWallPaper.jpg) left bottom fixed repeat-x #65a51d; }