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21 Jan 2015

webOS Emulator – Gestures & Keyboard shortcuts

0:32 | , webOS | 1203 views

Goal: to simulate gestures and keyboard events on emulator Using the emulator for webOS development on a PC lacks one important item that is key a mobile device, touch. Fortunately, there are keyboard and mouse shortcuts to emulator the gestures. Below is the list of ones I’ve found so far. Gestures Gesture Touch Gesture Description […]

13 Sep 2014

js array Cheet Sheet

19:26 | , javascript | 965 views

Goal: Collect the array manipulation methods 1. add item to an array shift: The shift() method removes the first element from an array and returns that element. This method changes the length of the array. pop: The pop() method removes the last element from an array and returns that element. 3. insert item to an […]

3 Sep 2014

wordpress date format Cheet Sheet

21:23 | , wordpress | 899 views

Goal: wordpress date formatting reference sample Day of Month Weekday Month Year Time Full Date/Time see also:

6 Jun 2014

jQuery Select Cheet Sheet

9:05 | , jquery | 791 views

Goal: to collect all the available select types textbox: see also: other cheet sheets

31 May 2014

jQuery Easing Cheat Sheet

8:36 | , javascript, jquery | 1464 views

Goal: provide quick reference of easing 1. coding skeleton 2. easing reference source: see also: easing fix for wordpress, other cheet sheets

#sidebar a { color:#fff; } #sidebar ul ul li { color: #DEF585; } #sidebar h2 { color: #fff; } #sidebar ul p, #sidebar ul select { color: #BEDDBE; } #backfly { background: url(images/golfBallWallPaper.jpg) left bottom fixed repeat-x #65a51d; }