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14 Feb 2015

quick js editor

23:41 | javascript, web trick | 919 views

Goal: a simple js editor from the browser put the following to the address line… 1. simple way: try this this one is poor because of not focus, but here is the fixed version: 1.1 simple way with focus in the window: try this 2. extended editor (big respect for the ace team! check it […]

1 Feb 2015

Webos autostart

2:14 | webOS | 1021 views

Goal: how can I start my application after reset Not too easy to find how the pre starts application after the reset, but here is… There is a section in the /etc/palm/luna.conf file Just put your application to the end of the line under the LaunchAtBoot section. how the luna working with the conf file: […]

1 Feb 2015

Get the days between now and the past

0:53 | php | 870 views

Goal: figure out how to get days between two date I’ve found a page: with many interesting date time function. One of them was duration between two date. If you want to know how many days you lived on the Earth just put your birth date as the first date and the actual date […]

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