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5 Jul 2018

Google Pixel Android P – Couldn’t download

11:17 | android, pixel, tricky | 694 views

Goal: avoid the system update issue – android 9 I have enrolled to try the new android system before the final release. Everything was fine until a disturbing issue. I tried to refresh the system and the following happened. How we can avoid this? if you can see on the top right corner I used […]

25 Jan 2017

Set the ProgressBar foreColor

12:52 | android | 716 views

Goal: find an easy way to set the default magenta color of progressbar to an other one just put into the xml file:

1 Aug 2016

change the status bar color

0:07 | android | 733 views

Goal: fit the full screen coloring to our application Sometimes we need to change the status bar color to create a harmony on the whole screen. Put this into the main activity: Simple… and no more blue top on the screen…

29 Jul 2016

using Context in a static environment (simple way)

11:54 | android | 705 views

Goal: find a simple way to reach a usable context in a static method I have found many complicated ways to get a usable context, but I have an easy and simple way. 1. we need a static class, with a global context variable 2. set this variable in the main activity 3. and of […]

29 Jul 2016

get the cpu version

11:45 | android | 638 views

Goal: find out the heart of a device It is easy to find the version of the central unit in my device. Seemingly… 1. the android way Use the Build class like this: 2. get info from the company (as I see they can give what they want…) Read the /proc/cpuinfo file. So in a […]

28 Jul 2016

get the current battery level

18:01 | android | 677 views

Goal: check the device battery level In a static function like this: The result is between 0-100 (0 is not very common 🙂 )

28 Jul 2016

using Context in a static environment

16:33 | android | 706 views

Goal: get Context in a static method Sometimes we need a context in a static method, but we don’t have… Let’s dig one. example: get the device ID (IMEI) in a static function.

28 Jul 2016

get the device id (IMEI)

1:51 | android | 753 views

Goal: get the unique device identifier This is the IMEI/MEID number. We need permission to read this information.

26 Jul 2016

set the font style and size in a SearchView

16:06 | android | 785 views

Goal: let’s customize a SearchView appearance First of all the SearchView is a complex control. We need to find the child TextView to do this changes. Set the following style: here is the code: The findChildrenByClass function like this: public static Collection findChildrenByClass(ViewGroup viewGroup, Class clazz) { return gatherChildrenByClass(viewGroup, clazz, new ArrayList()); } private static […]

23 Jul 2016

generate random numbers

12:25 | android | 684 views

Goal: we need this 🙂 We need to know about this. How we can generate a random number between minimum and a maximum value.

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