using Context in a static environment (simple way)  [ 716 views ]

Goal: find a simple way to reach a usable context in a static method

I have found many complicated ways to get a usable context, but I have an easy and simple way.

1. we need a static class, with a global context variable

public class GLB {
  public static Context context; // context or static use
  public static Context globalContext(){ // get the global context
    return GLB.context;

2. set this variable in the main activity

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
  GLB.context = getApplicationContext();

3. and of course we can get this context anywhere where we want

public static String deviceID_IMEI(){
  TelephonyManager tm = 
  String device_id = tm.getDeviceId();
  return device_id;

so easy enough…

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