22 Oct 2017

get function name in strict mode

13:25 | javascript, tricky | 4 views

Goal: show the name of the called function in strict mode If I want to see the function name I can put it like this but I like the globalized solutions and don’t forget the strict mode, where the possibilities are restricted. There is nothing else to do just throw an exception and read from […]

13 Oct 2017

disable title/tooltip with css

19:04 | css, tricky | 9 views

Goal: find simple way to hide the tooltip The problem is very simple and there are many ways to solve. I have a button or link or just a simple div with a tooltip on it. I want to create a disabled state for this control. the object like this and the style for the […]

12 Oct 2017

Table column names comma delimited list

21:12 | mysql | 9 views

Goal: quick method to get the column names comma delimited list Simple mysql or mariadb database. How to get a detailed select command if I don’t have a good sql gui tool. So, here is an easy way: where TABLE_SCHEMA is your schema, and TABLE_NAME is the table in the question. The result will be […]

15 Sep 2017

contenteditable – select all on double click

15:35 | javascript, jquery | 19 views

Goal: don’t be fool, do it easy A have a DIV with contenteditable=”true” attribute. Like a textbox but not really. I want to select all the content with a double click on it. With jQuery like this: … so do you know better than this solution? … I have read many scientific solution for this […]

27 Aug 2017

extend an array – js way

8:05 | javascript | 20 views

Goal: find the cleanest way to extend an array Everyday happening to extend an array in javascript. There are many ways to do but here is the simplest one No more code, no more pain in the neck just an extended array. What we need more for today?

6 Jun 2017

mysql comma delimited result

2:32 | mysql | 50 views

Goal: select a quick comma delimited value for a column The method is easy. In this example the result is a long string contains comma delimited list of the language names. the result something like this: But the working buffer size is a weak point in this story. The correct way something like this: So […]

7 Apr 2017

use the camera

14:15 | html5, web trick | 57 views

Goal: simple way to use the camera I’ve read some articles about this, but there was no a simple one. So, here is: check it: here Two thing to know. 1. the browser will say insecure connection. Just say do it anymore 2. Take a Photo will take a photo after 3 sec

25 Mar 2017

javascript easy templates

13:51 | javascript, tricky | 67 views

Goal: build a quick template method So we have an item template and some values to replace. Do like this way. // 1. define the parser function template(strings, …keys) { return (function(…values) { var dict = values[values.length - 1] || {}; var result = [strings[0]]; keys.forEach(function(key, i) { var value = Number.isInteger(key) ? values[key] : […]

25 Mar 2017

javascript multiline strings in the code

13:40 | javascript, tricky | 66 views

Goal: use multiline strings in the code I have a simple string template. I want to store it in a variable but I want to forget the concatenation. We can use the following trick. var itemTemplate = `<li> <div class=”direction-r”> <div class=”flag-wrapper”> <span class =”flag”>${0}</span> <span class =”time-wrapper”>${1}</span> </div> <div class =”desc”>${2}</div> </div> </li>`; console.log(itemTemplate); […]

13 Mar 2017

chrome t-rex fun

1:48 | fun | 78 views

Goal: there is no at this time open in chrome the following chrome://network-error/-106 and press space bar or arrow up enjoy…

#sidebar a { color:#fff; } #sidebar ul ul li { color: #DEF585; } #sidebar h2 { color: #fff; } #sidebar ul p, #sidebar ul select { color: #BEDDBE; } #backfly { background: url("images/golfBallWallPaper.jpg"); }