Simple upgrade of Palm Pre device  [ 926 views ]

Goal: to upgrade the OS on a simple way

Recently I’ve received an unlocked Palm Pre 2 phone but with webOS 2.1.0. So I was unhappy with this. As I realized many valuable features missing from this version. I need webOS 2.2.4 but how can I upgrade my phone. The simple answer is NO WAY (there is no upgrade background…)

This is not true. Go to out of the box. Forget the old ways and you will find the solutions…

Take a webOSDoctor and simple restore the device but not with the old version OS but with the newest one.

The webOSDoctor links already crashed, but you can use the really usable Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

1. Check which one webOSDoctor you need. (the phone model vs. app version table on the Internet)
2. Download the proper app from the IAWM
3. Restore the phone (in this case we can talk about a full upgrade)

Thats all 🙂 I have now a Palm Pre 2 with webOS 2.2.4 … fine…

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