Excel – insert current date – [ ctrl+; ] not working  [ 914 views ]

Goal: sometimes the current date insert not working. Find a way to solve this

I don’t know why and how but sometimes the ctrl + ; stopping to work. I tried to find solution. Many of forums suggest to reinstall the whole office package… Nope… or delete the normal.dot template… nope…
or just start the excel in safe mode

1. win + R
2. type: excel.exe /safe or excel.exe /s
3. so the shortcut [ctrl+;] working in this safe mode
4. close the excel
5. open the excel on the normal way – as usually doing
6. luckily the shortcut working again

painless way and working for me. Maybe working for you as well. Enjoy…

This solution working until I close the excel. After the next start the problem is the same… 🙁

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