element creation with templates  [ 620 views ]

Goal: to create a quick template based element creation method

Everyday task to manage item templates. We have a container <div id="cont"></div> and the template of the items.

var tmp = '<div id="%id%" value="%value%">%obj%</div>',
    itms = [{id: 1, value: 'val1', obj: 'first'},{id: 2, value: 'val2', obj: 'second'}];

the result will be:

<div id="1" value="val1">first</div><div id="2" value="val2">second</div>

to achieve this we have to extend the String object with a template function:

TypeExtend(String, 'template', function(data) {
  if(data instanceof Array){
    var ret = '';
    for(i in data){
      ret += this.template(data[i]);
    return ret;
    return this.replace(/%(\w*)%/g, function(m, key) { return data.hasOwnProperty(key) ? data[key] : ""; });

the TypeExtend function itself is here: jump

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